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Professor B has been training fleas from around the world for many years and has put together the most amazing congress of unusual acts you have ever seen. You will see alive before your very eyes all of the following:

The world's only Rock 'n' Roll Flea doing his imitation of the King: Elvis Presflea
Fifi LaFlea, the Parisian high wire walker — will she make it all the way across?
The Daredevil High Diver, Evil Fleanevil, fearlessly climbs to the top of the ladder and then plunges head first into a small pool of water!
The world's only Mind-Reading Flea, the amazing Fleo!
A flea fired out of a cannon to be caught in the hand of a member of the audience! Never to be forgotten! The Austrian strong flea, Arnold!
A flea-powered carousel entirely propelled by the strength of two amazing fleas!

There are skeptics out there who claim there is no such thing as a Flea Circus. See for yourself or, better yet, bring a camera to prove to your friends that everything is as described.

You can reach him

Professor B is a performer who appears regularly at parties at Playland-Not-at-the-Beach. Hold your next birthday, anniversary, wedding party or plain old magical get together at Playland-Not-at-the-Beach.

Check out our list of upcoming performers at our Activity page.

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