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Playland-Not-at-the-Beach is very proud to be the home of amazing amusement park, carnival and circus artwork. From the Midway entrance right through to Laff in the Dark, one will be delighted by imagery of long ago amusement parks, sculptures of Playland's old attractions, reproductions of classic signs, and neon masterpieces evocative of decades past. Many of the walls are covered with huge murals, and even the ceilings harken back to an age when artists flourished.

The Carousel Carnival
The Carousel Carnival area is adorned with wonderful art deco ceiling designs painted by Dan Fontes and Ed Cassel.

A Playland for All
"A Playland for All" is our largest mural at 10 feet tall and 32 feet long. Painted by Dan Fontes and Ed Cassel on one massive piece of specially created canvas, it commemorates the Cliff House, the Sutro Baths and Museum, and, of course, Whitney's Playland-at-the-Beach.

Laughing Sal's Theatre
Laughing Sal's Theater is home to Charlie Moran's award-winning miniature renditions of the Fun House, Limbo Ghost Ride, and Big Dipper Roller Coaster.

Circus World
Circus World and Side Show feature giant circus wagons designed and decorated by Ed Cassel, John Aaron, and Dan Fontes. Schuyler Robertson, Joel Elrod, and Bryan Blanco designed and painted the wagon wheels.

Leo Mora Mural
Famed local artist Leo Mora has given his mural "Playland" on long term-loan to be displayed in our museum. Measuring 3 feet tall and over 16 feet wide, this panorama of the last years of Whitney's Playland hangs proudly over our Carousel Carnival. A poster version of the mural is also available in our gift shop.

Side Show
Sideshow art is by Mariel Ricci and Joel Elrod.

Dark Mystery
Dark Mystery beckons hardy souls with the artwork and designs of Garret Bock, Bryan Blanco, Paul Mitchell, and Tom Wyrsch.

Laff in the Dark
Laff in the Dark sports the incredible 3-D paintings of Dan Fontes and Ed Cassel.

The World of Charles Dickens
Here is Patrick Hamilton's finely detailed woodworking and a painting by Ed Cassel, designed by Schuyler Robertson, paying tribute to the contribution of Charles Dickens.

Santa's Village
Joe Mirante's inventive icy cave entrance leads to facades created by Schuyler Robertson and Ed Cassel. Through the windows one can see North Pole vignettes created by Garret Bock and the amazing detail workings of Frank Biafore.
Bump In The Night
Chuck Jarman, CEO and Founder of Bump in the Night Productions, created not only our life size Laughing Sal and the Laughing Sal dolls but also the John Merrick (Elephant Man) in the Sideshow exhibit.

The Sideshow Pro's
Mark Frierson and Doug Higley also contributed their talents to create some of the other exhibits in sideshow.

Mikel Parton's Design
North Bay artist Mikel Parton created a unique sign for our Coney Island Pinball Museum, a sign for our Rattlers Penny Arcade machine, and did a complete restoration of the 1911 paper mache Clown originally featured at the Sutro Baths.

Ryan Sommer's Clown
The giant clown head created by artist Ryan Sommer is based on one of the original papier mache creations from Whitney's Fun House, this new work of art measures 3 feet across.

Michael Pedroni's Laughing Sal
Dave Warren proudly donated the Michael Pedroni Laughing Sal head to our organization.

Kim Fischer and Carl Scheidenhelm of SF ARC Architecture were the two saviors who came to our rescue and redesigned our building to accommodate our unusual attractions.

The Big Dipper
As a tribute to the most famous wooden roller coaster at Whitney's Playland, Mike Ferris created a Big Dipper sculpture that hangs from the ceiling creating the feeling of the dips and dives of the classic coaster. When Playland-Not-at-the-Beach's design changed, Derek Willhite remodeled the coaster track to fit the new area.

The Man Behind the Myth
Tom Wyrsch
And last but not least, few of the exhibits would look nearly as perfect were it not for the intricate electrical artistry designed and executed by Tom Wyrsch. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our vision.

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