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"The Happiest Place on Eartha!" is a special tribute to the internationally acclaimed, multi-talented performer Eartha Kitt. On Christmas Day 2008 Ms Kitt passed away at the age of 81, forever linking her career with the hit song she popularized – "Santa Baby". Eartha Kitt was renowned as a dancer, singer, actress, author and social activist. Playland-Not-at-the-Beach is proud to have a tribute to her tireless spirit and immense talents.

Frank Biafore, President of the International Eartha Kitt Fan Club, collected the thousands of elements for this exhibit and is often on hand to invite guests in to see the exhibit and share his stories of being Ms Kitt's greatest fan. The juke box at the Museum of Fun is loaded with Eartha Kitt's most famous hit records, and Frank is very willing to show film clips of this talented chanteuse and actress. For children, she was best known for her roles in Disney's modern classic "The Emperor's New Groove" and "Holes", but for generations of people, she was the original material girl and popularized the role of the gold-digging sex kitten. Her biggest selling songs were "C'est Si Bon!", "I'm Just an Old Fashioned Girl," "I Want to Be Evil" and "Santa Baby". She even had a million selling disco hit in the 1980s called "Where Is My Man?" Famed movie director Orson Welles referred to Eartha Kitt as the "Most Exciting Woman in the World".

During the Vietnam War era, Eartha Kitt was banished from performing in the United States due to a run-in with Lady Bird Johnson. Europe welcomed her with open arms, and she became a huge hit in cabarets around the world – everywhere but the United States. Born a "Yellow Gal", a term she used to describe being neither white nor black, Eartha Kitt spent most of her life trying to trace her heritage. To learn more, plan to visit "The Happiest Place on Eartha" during your visit to Playland-Not-at-the-Beach.

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