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The "Circus World" exhibit features the amazing miniature circus hand carved by Don Marcks depicting the 1930s Sells-Floto Circus. Giant brightly-decorated wagons display the thousands of miniature pieces of the Menagerie, Big Top, Dressing Rooms, Cook House, Dining Tent and Horse Farm. Antique circus posters and photos allow visitors to compare the miniature version with photos of the actual 1930s show.

The Menagerie Tent features all manner of wild beasts, a collection from every corner of the globe, including thirty ponderous pachyderms. You will be amazed at the fairyland magic of the circus Big Top. Even in miniature its exacting details will give you the feeling of actually being under the "big top." Here in miniature the tent stands 25 inches tall; it is 5 feet wide and 11 feet long with a seating capacity for 10,000 people to view its performances in three rings. The cookhouse would bring tears of joy to any chef with its stainless steel stoves and steam tables. Its table service is ready for the hungry crew of workers and performers to come and eat a hearty meal.

The Marcks Miniature Circus was conceived and originated by Isaac Marcks. The display, containing thousands of items of circus, represents a labor of love, hand carved or assembled by Isaac and his son Donald, covering fifty years between them. Donald Marcks, publisher of the popular weekly publication Circus Report, continued to add freshly carved pieces to this elaborate display until his death in April, 2003, just weeks after celebrating his 80th birthday at Playland-Not-at-the-Beach.
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